APPx Cryptocurrency Store

A simple online cryptocurrency store that allows users to buy our mined coins at very competitive prices for Fiat.

The APPx Cryptocurrency Store (final name TBD) will be fully compliant within Canada and allied jurisdictions and will allow its clients to easily buy any quantity of Bitcoin using an expanded list of regularly accepted Fiat methods of payment such as VISA, MasterCard, wire, check, Interac and remittance services such as Western Union.*

*When regulatory commissions allow for it.

APPx Coin Air Drop

APPx Crypto will consider an APPx Coin Air Drop in Canada.*
The Canadian Securities Administrators’ regulatory sandbox launched in February 2017 (the “CSA Sandbox”) to support fintech businesses seeking to offer innovative products, services, and applications. The CSA Sandbox allows firms to obtain exemptive relief from certain securities law requirements that may impede their innovative business models, provided that investor protection is not compromised.
APPx Crypto is in full compliance with the AMF. We are now and will continue to be fully audited and under continual supervision of the AMF.

*When regulatory commissions allow for it.