CatchCoin™ -Augmented Reality Rewards Platform by APPx Crypto Technologies

Redefining customer acquisition with augmented reality

The CatchCoin™ platform enables locations such as businesses, venues and events to attract customers. By creating an account on CatchCoin™, you can drive local mobile users through your door at the time of your choosing.

The CatchCoin™ application is an augmented reality rewards platform where participating brick and mortar retailers, mall owners, and event venues get measurable foot traffic at their locations with a great return on investment (ROI). Participating retailers can manage and fund their campaigns through the online CatchCoin™ location portal.

Technology is becoming more prevalent in the industry, as companies like yours accept and embrace the fact that technology can make shopping easier.

Retail Perspective

A win-win strategy for participating businesses!

  • CatchCoin™ will increase your retail foot traffic with your exact target market. With CatchCoin™, you can track your advertising investment walking through your doors.
  • CatchCoin™ puts your business at the forefront of people’s minds, will get you discovered and will raise your brand awareness.
  • Users become involved and invested in the interactive augmented reality application.
  • Businesses can use the CatchCoin™ app to attract local users’ attention, promote new locations, or simply advertise targeted products–and above all, to increase sales and grow their business!

Benefits of CatchCoin™ Geolocation Rewards Compared to Traditional Advertising

With CatchCoin™ you can measure the impact of every marketing dollar spent using comprehensive analytic metrics and revenue insights. Compared to traditional advertising, CatchCoin’s vision is to change the way retailers, venues, and events market to customers becoming the recognized leader in innovative marketing, whilst creating sustainable company value. The platform is positioned to become the leading and trusted retail and venue application for generating foot traffic.

7 User Experience Benefits

  • Get real money while discovering local businesses, venues and events via a gamified experience
  • Help your community by encouraging local purchases
  • Use the smartphone camera and GPS to view geo-targeted offers from nearby businesses in an augmented reality view
  • Share your discoveries and experiences via social medias
  • Get notified when your favorite businesses, venues and events have a new campaign
  • Once the CatchCoin is “caught”, its value is added to the user’s cash wallet account
  • Quick enrollment – No need of completing tasks

13 Key Benefits!

  • Low cost of entry targeted advertising platform
  • Reduce perishable and optimize work force downtime
  • Best ROI – Every dollar is spent for a visit
  • Increased foot traffic and conversion to consumers
  • Dashboard enables the creation of customized marketing campaigns in real time
  • Drive qualified consumer and increase brand awareness
  • Targeting campaign configuration in specific geo-targeted locations
  • Specific scheduling and targeted advertising during low traffic periods (increase employee productivity)
  • Track and adjust advertising investment
  • Easily modify budget within minutes, at any time of the day
  • Detailed performance and traffic data analysis
  • Reports and statistics on consumer habits and behaviors
  • Push notification to users who are nearby

CatchCoin™ marketing ecosystem benefits versus traditional advertising

Manage your campaign

Track and manage how your promotional campaign is performing and see how many new customers you’ve signed up, how many have become regulars and when is your best day for business.

Use the valuable data and metrics to adjust the time and demographics of your marketing strategy.

Campaign Management and Location Manager Portal

  • Dashboard enables the creation of customized marketing campaigns in real-time
  • Push notifications and remarketing
  • Targeting campaign configuration in specific geo-targeted locations
  • Easily modify budget within minutes, at any time of the day, manually or automatically
  • Investment adjustments for advertising campaigns in real-time
  • Detailed performance and data traffic analysis
  • Reports and statistics on consumer habits and behaviors, as well as GPS positioning

Redefining customer loyalty and rewards with augmented reality

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