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RewardDrop Software is a technology incubator specializing in the development of geolocation-based mobile apps. Our passion is bringing innovative concepts to market and creating meaningful, rewarding experiences for consumers and businesses alike.

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APPx Crypto has initiated a growing, diversified cryptocurrency mining operation targeting five major cryptocurrencies. We are equipped to mine the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, as well as altcoins and other digital currencies, including BCH and Litecoin.

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Mining as a Service

Our hassle-free service absorbs the technical challenges and time investment required to establish and maintain a crypto mining operation. We are fully equipped to receive and manage your devices or undergo device acquisition on your behalf.​

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Fintech Services

We develop a wide array of robust and disruptive Pre-Paid Card programs, mobile banking solutions and cryptocurrency technologies that work together harmoniously to create a universal environment for consumers and businesses.

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Financial Services

Our Fiat Banking Platform and crypto online exchange services provide a platform for buying, selling or exchanging crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ether, and Litecoin for Fiat money such as USD, EUR, and GBP.

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We develop custom blockchain solutions that protect users and businesses with a high level of security and mobility by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies and identity solutions.


If you are a shareholder, potential investor, or financial analyst interested in the APPx Crypto, click the links below to find important information including press releases, announcements, and updates, as well as Board of Directors and Executive Team details. When available, you’ll also have access to financial documents like the annual report, interim results, and more.



Catchcoin, augmented reality rewards platform by APPx Crypto Technologies

Our mission is to be a recognized global leader in diversified Blockchain 2.0 technologies.

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